Our Lady of West 74th Street

Read what people have said about Our Lady of West 74th Street, the first book in Steve Ackley’s series on angels…

What a great story! History, art, good and evil, love, religion, past and present, mystery and so much more. I can honestly say that I have nothing negative to say about this book. Everything fits together into a wonderful story. I hope the author continues to write and bring us more great books. I am looking forward to them.

– Amazon.combuynow_book

This is a book to enjoy in quiet moments of relaxation; it is pleasant and easy to read, a story that piques our fascination with the interface between heaven and earth. I very much appreciated the author’s ability to show how faith grows and how God works to fulfill his purposes through his fallible and often obtuse human children. From beginning to end, the characters are concerned with their own lives and activities, and no one other than the angels really understands what they are truly involved in until the very end. Even then, the human contribution is only a small seed from which God’s power will grow and manifest.

– Catholic Fiction Magazine

This is a terrific first novel! It has us asking the big questions about faith and purpose while informing us about history, both ancient and modern- and he wraps it all in a very compelling mystery. This book is impeccably researched and leaves the reader with much to ponder. I can’t wait for the next one!

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