The Prophet of Shattuck Avenue


Dr. Victoria Branham, a professor of ancient languages in Berkeley, California, has just turned sixty. Comfortable with her life, she looks forward to another decade of academic work, then retirement, travel, and perhaps even romance.

Just as the new school year is about to begin, the rhythm of Victoria’s world is shaken when she receives a call from her brother Mark, a U.S. Senator serving on the Armed Services Committee. An archeological discovery has been made at a remote location in the Syrian Desert — something having to do with ancient languages. Victoria is asked by her brother to secretly fly to the Middle East and provide an unofficial opinion on what’s been found. Victoria is reluctant but, with the encouragement of her Dean, she decides to go.

Once on the scene, the nature of the discovery impacts Victoria in unexpected ways, stirring up memories from her strange days as a child evangelist and causing her to start perceiving things in the spiritual realm … to begin to understand a forgotten mystical language, and to question the “humanness” of certain people she encounters.

The Prophet of Shattuck Avenue is the exciting sequel to Steve Ackley’s first novel, Our Lady of West 74th Street. If you enjoyed Ackley’s fast-paced tale of angels, demons, and stolen art, get ready for the ride to continue. The Prophet picks up where the Lady left off.