Plaster Saints – Music & Pictures

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A note about the music…

I digitized all the recordings from scratchy and warbly cassette tapes that sat in a box for decades. The sound quality notwithstanding, the music wouldn’t have turned out well at all if it weren’t for all the musicians who helped — all for free, I should add. Thanks to Marv Ellis, for running the recording sessions, to Paul Contos, and Marv again, for their assistance with the horn lines, and to Tom Coyan, for leading the pit band and helping fine-tune the chord changes.

In addition to the musicians and singers listed on the program (see picture below), there were many others who played and sang on my master recordings: Joseph Anderson, Enoch Asmuth, Jeff Ballard, Adam Beach, JC Cianello, Mona Crawford, Nancy Heth, Carol Fryer (Luper), Denise Moon, David Valdez (that solo on Three Kings still wows me), Pete Vossler, Kenny Wolleson, and Bill Youngs (with an ‘s’). I consider myself fortunate to have crossed paths with such talent. Also, thanks to The Christian Life Center in Santa Cruz and The First Baptist Church in Watsonville for the use of their facilities for rehearsal and recording.

(Click on a link to open the sound file in a new window, or download them all in a zip file.)

Act I

Musical Number Sound File
Overture (from live show)
What Kind of People
Hear the Name
Givin’ it All/I’ll Fly Away (from live show)
Carnal Believer/No Time

Act II

Musical Number Sound File
Entr’acte II (from live show)
Magnificat/We Three Kings
Dance of the Pharisees (from live show)
The Light
I Will Pray
The Master’s Feet


(Click on a thumbnail to open the full-sized image in a new window, or download them all in a zip file.)


Scott & Michael

The family meal

What Kind of People

Michael & St. Michael

St. Peter Fishing

Peter, Michael & Michael

Chruch of the Almighty Dollar

St. Peter confronts the pastor

Carnal Believer/No Time

The Annunciation

St. Mary’s Magnificat

We Three Kings

Merry Christmas!

St. Paul praying in prison

Gamaliel & Saul

Saul sees “The Light”

Michael gives Michael his sword

Program Cover

Inside cover

Band members

Cast members

Crew members