Apologies to my followers…


Dear blog followers,

A Happy Easter to you all! My apologies for not writing for a while, but I’ve been fighting  some personal battles.

Throughout my adult life I’ve struggled with a clinical condition called major depressive disorder (MDD). It started in my twenties and I’ve had several bouts with it since. Sometimes it’s brought on by circumstances (like financial or family problems); sometimes it comes without much external provocation. Something very simple can trigger it. Research shows that the origins of MDD may be genetic. Perhaps this is true in my case. My dad experienced severe depression, as did his mother, my paternal grandmother.

I’ve been going through such an episode since mid-January. After a few weeks, I recognized it for what it was and sought help. I believe the mere act of seeking help is the beginning of healing. Things have since improved and I believe I’m now on the mend.

This is not easy to share. But I wanted to, because I want people out there who suffer from the same thing to  know you’re not alone. Many famous people suffer from MDD or other forms of mental health challenges…


(And let’s not forget Vincent Van Gogh. He painted beautiful pictures but had immense trouble coping with daily life.)

All that said, I am pressing forward with publication of my next book, “The Prophet of Shattuck Avenue.” I need to do it for myself, if nothing else. Before all of the above happened, the book was pretty much finished. I just needed to upload it into the CreateSpace publishing tool and provide all the ancillary info (author bio, price, etc.). I’ve done that. Now all that remains is reviewing the final proof.

Thanks for listening. Keep me in your prayers. I’ll let you all know when the book is ready.

– Steve

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